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2021-01-14 17:33:26 (UTC)

1/7/21 Angry

I am angry
angry at myself for not being able to do it
angry that I don't follow through or start new things
angry with my body for being fat and not working as it should
angry that i;m so tired
pissed off that it seems to cost so much money to be healthy
pissed off that i don't have the tools already working to be healthy
pissed off that i allow it all to continue
pissed off that i may pass along these bad habits to Rylin
pissed off that i may have passed along genetic material that may cause this
pissed off that I have spent so many hours in therapy just to keep being told i need therapy.
Am I choosing to be stuck? I have to be choosing this if I am not actively choosing to change it, right? Then why con't I feel motivated by that instead of wanting to hide under a rock.
Pissed at my sister for being so perfect- great at everything she does and rolling in money and still has time to work out and make a beautiful dinner.
I am angry about being angry. I hate this.