Welcome to my world 🌎 18
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2021-01-14 09:24:42 (UTC)


Health wise I have been up and down all week. I think these antibiotics are making me feel tired and drained. I did good Tuesday, till I can home from meeting K. Wednesday after H left, I fixed a bagel, packed a bowl and went to bed watching tv. I never eat in the bedroom. Drinks yes, but not food. I watch like 5 episodes of Cobra Kia on Netflix. Than I turned the TV off and slept till 1:30.

Then I came out to the living room, curled up in a chair. I ended up editing my book till H came home.

H fixed grill cheese and beef stew for supper. We watched a little tv. Then we went to the bedroom around 8ish.

H started off teasing me. She would barely touch my cock with her fingers, then casually walked them over my family jewels. It did not take long for me to become full erect. H tried three times, before she finally pulled down my foreskin. She loves being a brat. H licked her finger and rubbed the head of my penis. Then she separated the opening on my gland as far as she could. Next she ran her nail across this opening. Oh wow... The sensation. Every muscle went tight, I grinded my teeth. This was so intense and I loved it. Several times H said I was doing good.

After she had her fun, H grinned, taking my manhood into her mouth. Oh, she worked me over good.

Afterwards H had a cig and did a few things. I finished my bowl and an episode of Cobra Kia before we went sleep.

Its Thursday morning. I will be leaving soon to go visit my parents.

Trump was impeached. I never want this man to run for office again. If the senators agrees with the house than he will never hold public office again.

I am afraid a long drawl out trail in the senate, will further divide this nation. I have never seen so many educated people willing to through the democratic process out the window over lies. Technically trump never has won a election. He lost the popular vote 4 years ago but won the electrical college. He has never won in the popular election. How far will his self pity drag down this beautiful nation? Time will answer that for us.

H and I our home bodies. The only real family we have is my parents who live close bye and her parents, three hours away. We have very few friends. Most our friends and extended family stop coming bye after we adopted K. The few friends we had left died or moved. I have one good friend who is 25 years older than me. H has one good friend at work. I dont know if it's where I am getting older or my disability is getting worse, but the future worries me. We know lots of people. Their is a difference between knowing someone, and being a friend. Yes, I have several people I chat with online. But I am needing a good friend in real time. Covid is not helping with this either. M is great when he is here. Buts its just a few text here and there in between visits. We do have friends at the campsite too. I guess I am missing having that friend, that always hanging around. The one you can call anytime for anything. I have to not had that in a long while. I miss it.

I just came home from visiting my patents. They are doing good. I have wrote on this on and off all morning.

Till next time.