Bunches and bunches
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2021-01-13 10:01:30 (UTC)

Waiting Games

I am at the house Mr. Curved Line and I reside at and into the evening yesterday, we got word we would need to sequester awaiting Covid results. The wife of a colleague of Mr. Curved Line had tested positive and now we wait on the colleague's test. He and I had been living at the house to stop transmission and now we are putting that into practice. As it stands now, it seems likely we missed it, but as the testing progresses, our response will shift. I have two medical personnel in my family so if we have contracted it, we have in home professional care. This is beyond fortunate, however, we are loathe to use it.

It is not the first brush, but it is a close one. This is the state of things in the world now. The upside is that I get Mr. Curved Line at home from work for the next day or two as we await test results. We are both in good enough healthcare that we have paid access to testing. Right now we are running out the incubation clock, which is a touch unsettling, but also unavoidable in the current state of affairs. I take deep breaths, I feel great. I am in good health, currently without any sign of sickness and properly cared for in every way. I count myself as lucky as I am.

The stress has been very subdued, as it should be presently. I am staying at home for the duration with all the comforts of not needing to go out. My husband and son came by for a drop off of supplies and we stayed social distanced and masked just in case. It is weird to wave to my own family. When I disclosed the brush, my family gathered on a call to discuss my immediate future. My husband wanted to bring me home, my daughter to leave me out. My son had the last word, he's a medical professional as is my husband, and said the isolation would only work if it was enforced. Then more decisions came on a masked walk with Mr. Curved Line. I struggled to exercise in my N95 as it struggled to let me breathe freely enough on the uphills. We needed to decide if we were going to take rooms away from each other or whether we were all in as was. Mathematically it should be moot, as the incubation period has yet to fully elapse, meaning we could not be shedding the virus yet even if we are positive. Still.

In college, I had a work study in a molecular biology lab. We did vaccine candidate work for the WHO. Now my expertise (used exceedingly loosely) was front and center. The truth is not so much fun. If it's contagious enough, you have to stop the spread because you will likely acquire it. Not a reason to be reckless in your risk taking, but an acknowledgement that in the real world, you may well touch your face or wear you mask incorrectly, or forget, just once, to sanitize and wash your hands. Often the best course of action is to isolate, so that at least you do not spread it and in so doing leave uninfected people to care for you. That is why vaccines are so d*mn important, people fail, vaccines don't. Now there's a new waiting game, in addition to the one we all wait on.