Writer's diary
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2021-01-14 14:32:57 (UTC)

Counting Hours in Developing a Skill

The thing is that I love statistics. There's just something awesome to know how many hours I put into an activity. Especially,. when that activity is something I'm trying to get better at. When I read the book I like to count how much of the book percentage I've done. If I have a project with a certain amount I count how many hours I will need to work in order to finish it. I just love it.
I know numbers are just symbols. Although I have attached a meaning to them that makes me very proud. Imagine how good it feels hitting a 200-hour mark. Yes, I wrote for 200 hours in total since I started last year in June. The actual number has to be much bigger because I started counting only at the end of September.
Nah, I'll call it that I was only warming up back then. I was as serious as I got in the middle of November. That was the time I decided to give writing more of my focus and started writing 18 hours a week. And here I am now with 200 hours in. It feels so good. I want to reach 1000 hours as quickly as possible because I believe then I will definitely start to get ahold of things. I will be at a place that no many are willing to reach. That will make me stand out and, hopefully, I will be able to earn more than now.
According to my calculations, I should reach a 1000 hour mark before the 15th of October 2021. It's 9 months from now but time flies quickly.