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2021-01-14 13:15:00 (UTC)

Okay, look Tom, I know you ..

Okay, look Tom, I know you were putting down people who were fighting for their very lives at the hands of law enforcement, and you were giving life to the lie behind the same people who just stormed the fucking White House. I've been putting off dealing with that part of "Welcome Apocalypse" for a long time now. It was written in a plausible deniability way - a way to be used in future instances, and not just the very specific things over the last year. Well, congratulations on making it vague enough that I can finally sing that part without correcting the living shit out of it. Finally, it has real meaning. The summer unrest was the same as the 60's and the water cannons and dogs and murders. We're going through the same shit all over again. But THIS shit? Now this shit is true: ignorance distilled and nihilistic imbeciles at their very stupidest. I mean, if you come out in support of this insurrection, I will probably throw your stuff on the same fire as I did Morrissey's stuff. But until then, this is what the verse means.

Anyway, after that caveat, I want to say I live the last verse of "Welcome Apocalypse" every day. And now, the infested infection has hit where I work pretty hard.

"Return, workers, to your hives / even if it takes your lives / Nothing was learned / welcome, apocalypse."


At least we got a point from congress that this is illegal. It might not be in time to stop PINO from nuking Iran, or even DC, but hey, they're doing what the law allows them to do. We ain't the vigilantes.