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2021-01-14 08:15:58 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I don't really know why, but...I got issues. For whatever reason, I like younger females. I mean...I don't find girls my age (34) attractive. I've gone to chat rooms and try to find girls to talk to. I guess a lot of people have this issue, but...sadly most of them go to jail. I sometimes wonder why I'm not in jail for liking younger girls. I guess because I am a loser who tries to act appropriately without getting caught, then doing random nice things for them. Maybe I am crazy but this is something that has been going on for 16 years. But...I dunno...I guess I am lucky. But yes...you all have a right to judge me. I already know I will probably go to the other place when I die. Long day at work...ttyl (maybe)....