Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-01-14 12:53:06 (UTC)

Online schooling is over - for the day

I had a zoom meeting. I sent an email to Mrs. Powell, saying that I need another email. She sent another link to my stepfather. He got it, so I managed to do the Zoom meeting this time.

I was thinking about playing Medal Of Honor on my PlayStation Portable, but considering I have another lesson in an hour and a half. I told myself 'not now, later.' If I had played it then I would have got stuck into it and probably missed the lesson.

I also did another Zoom meeting with Ms. Sims, to do reading at 11:30. I put the code in earlier on at 9:30 with the intention to wait an hour and a half just so it was ready; Turns out it is the same code for each reading group, because at 9:58 it put me through to Emma's group. I apologised and said that I put the code in to be ready for my one, and quickly left after that. Ms. Sims wasn't fussed, it was just a mistake.

It finally became 11:30. I put myself on at 11:23, waited about seven minutes and got onto the Zoom meeting. It was Ms. Sims (again) and Mrs. Turner, the school counselor.
We were doing about the first book of the series 'Sherlock Holmes'', I was a good read. Miss stopped me at page 10, as - I didn't realise - it became twelve 'o' clock, and that is when each lesson ends.

Anyways, now that the school part of the day is over, I am now going to play Medal Of Honor on my PSP. Just like I mentioned a few paragraphs back. Good afternoon!