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2021-01-14 11:27:22 (UTC)

Weak In A Week

this week was pretty good...alright. Let's see...!
- I got the JO down to like, once a day
- I threw in some cardio 20 minute thingies in the mix, and some walks
- Finally got the car washed, and cleaned out the inside
- I'm staying up on my Yelp / Google reviews
- 1 work week without popcorn, yay!!!
- This, that and the other

Small steps, but yeah, the best I could do so far.
Also, some yardwork!

Last week for the fam Zoom Mom and Dad will start answering some questions from fam members about their past ico family traditions and all of that. What got me was Dad kinda but not really went on an emotional rant about no one remembering Mom and his' 55th wedding anniversary on Christmas, replying with cards or things of that nature...I wanted to jump on him (not really) and start to act out but in my mature age (plus Wifey was like "no") I just sat back and listened. Mom later sent a text saying she didn't agree with his rant but anyways...!
I guess at my age, I'm just trying to figure out if I will act this way when I get up in age...etc etc. Maybe(/) some unresolved Dad issues with him as well...but I need to relax, friend's Dad's have been dying off this last year en masse. I need to be more considerate...work things out, etc...you know!

Anywho...have a good week, everyone! Next week I will try to read other posts and stay up to date more...take care you crazy kids!!
This morning after work,