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2021-01-13 23:03:35 (UTC)

New year new me is kinda bull to be honest

But if you close you eyes does it almost feel like nothing changed at allllllll. (lmao 2021 is the same as 2020)
I was going to write earlier buttt ya know school.

Anyway I'm going to get right to the point.
New year New Me is bull to the next level.
I said i was going to get my assignments done. Become famous. Eat no bread or meat or candy AT ALL
And while I have done some of those things- I haven't done them perfectly.

I have some [new] overdue assignments. But I completed a week worth of school work in advance. So i won't count that as a total fail.
But the eat heathy thing? Mannn as soon as the new year started I ate like 5 pounds of bread. (and lots of meat, omg my stomach hurt like you dont understandddddddd) [It was the BOMB tho, I ain't sorry] Total fail.

I thing that people are wayy to strict on themselves when it comes to the whole #newyear_newme thing. I feel like if we set really strict goals like no sweets bread and sugar. No one is going to be able to actually do it.
I think we should set more loose goals like instead of no sweets and bread, we should say

"This year I am going to eat healthy"

See now we have a choice that we can change based on our growth. Instead of feeling horrible because we had a piece of bread we can say

"Well If i eat this bread it's probably not the heathiest thing.. So instead maybe I'll have the sugar-free bread"
See how much easier that is?

Another example
Instead of saying I am going to have a summer fit body because I will exercise everyday say:

"This year I will exercise more"
So instead of feeling horrible because we wanted to watch netflix instead of working out. we can say

"Tomorrow I will exercise a little more to make up for the lost time"
So you never break your new year resolution you it simply changes as you grow.

You shouldn't have to stress out over growth!

and that's why school sucks!
there is no room to grow in school! It's either do what they say or nothing!

lol but other than me being upset about school. This is good advice in general
So thank me later lol.

~Queen Mean (still not sure if i should change it to princess)
P.s : to the people that responded concerned about me and my last post. Thank you so much! You guys made me smile!
Alright goodbye for real now!!