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2021-01-13 20:48:00 (UTC)

I'm back and Betta

Wow ... this is awkward

I disappeared for second but I feel a lot more grounded now ! My medicine is now 300 mg and I take it twice a day instead of one , I see my therapist every Mon , Wed , and Fri , and I live by myself ! hahah so much happened so quickly . I will put my list of updates because I'm an exhibitionist ( not really .. ) and I love showing off what's been happening in my life.

I have 5 new obsessions goodbye Unus Annus ( Not really I'm still attached to that )
I have a large group of gamers ( including Mark and Ethan ) I watch daily
I have three new animes Im addicted to ( I'll put them in my recommendations )
I live by myself ( such a turn of events oh wow )
I broke my toe ( its all better owa owa : ) )
I started back school
I found a vegan cheese I actually like ( Follow your heart American slice and Daiya mozzerella shreds )
I have a new addiction of grilled cheese sandwiches
I might've caused a itsy bitsy tiny fire ( My favorite pan is gone :( )

Song : Mairimashita! Iruma-kun - Clara's Family's Song

( I'm obsessed with this manga and anime especially with Clara she's so cute ahhh )