Life of a butterfly
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2021-01-13 23:01:46 (UTC)


I don't get it.
What does it mean when he says
"I start to like a girl until things start to go well with us."?
"What makes you think my new girl won't approve of us talking?!"
"The relationship ended 2yrs ago, I am afraid you're going to keep me from my son."

None of these make any sense. When did he have the time to make new friends? Yet if I add a guy on social media I'm cheating. Df.

New girl?.....Wtf. He is already talking to females? Saying its how he copes.
Now he stated that he wants a family so when he is ready to settle down he will be back to get his son. Why would he do that to him? Disappear just to come back and get him like he didn't just walk out because you couldn't face the truth. (Truth=I wasn't the girl he would change for. He wants me to change for him.)

If the relationship ended that long ago why does he stay? He tells me all the time that he loves me and the only reason he stayed was cause of hope. Yet it only feels like he stayed because of his son.

-Honestly I don't know what to think. His son called friend told him Im just his BM and there is no going back to being happy. So he rather leave. I feel like no matter what we try people will always tell him some fucked up shit.

Oh and the lady he likes is fucking married. She told him she was viewing her options. Wtf. Why even get married? Maybe I should stay alone.