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2021-01-13 22:57:46 (UTC)

Daughters & Drug addicts

My co-worker Dorothy’s daughter is a tomboy. Not just a tomboy according to Dorothy. “More like erm… well a boy” she said laughing. It’s clearly not a problem to Dorothy but knowing Dorothy there is probably something to it.
“Her friend told her daughter he’s in love with her. She’s twelve and he is 13, they live at the end of our street. His father has a holding company, three Tesla’s in the driveway”. And how does she take it, I ask.
“Well, she is a bit confused.”
Dorothy’s daughter’s name is Sandra. But ‘Sanda’ changed to ‘San’ quickly after her fifth birthday or so. It didn’t take a long time for people to call her Sanny-boy. Even my neighbors thought she was a boy. when overnight my neighbor was surprised by this tall girl with curves waiving at her, ‘good morning Mr. Patterson!’, she said. Mr. Patterson looked at me from his car, “who’s that?” he asked.
“That is Sandra, you know from Dorothy!”
“San? I thought that was a boy, what happened to the boy?”
“Well, the ‘boy’ changed into a girl!”
There was silence as Mr. Patterson started his car, “I liked him as a boy, he washed my car!”
“Well, she can still do that!” I said but he drove off.
Sandra had been Sandra all along of course. There were no hormones and no sex surgery but I bet that Sanny boy was thinking about that herself plenty of times.
His name was John and he had a red bike with thick tires. John and San hung out since kindergarten. They built compounds in the wooded area behind our block and fought an invisible enemy countless times, imitating rattling sounds from machine guns and explosives from grenades. And as they grew older you would see them on the grassy patch in the summer with braided flowers on their heads, oozing sunlight and their legs pulled up as they listened to Kate Perry or The Bieber on a cellphone through a splitter which connected their headphones.
San cut her hair countless times but the last day of school and a warm summer vacation grew it, thick and blond and it was not only her hair that was growing. Even TW noticed it. San was becoming quite a lady. And John somehow stayed behind. I don’t believe she mind in the beginning. But now, as John hit puberty not so long ago, his eyes opened up. In multiple ways. Because not only did he see what a beautiful girl Sandra had become, also that he didn’t understand her girl things anymore. Where were the fictitious wars they played? Or the conversations they had about in that made-up band they would play in? About school and all the other stuff? San had moved on to a different planet.
“In the beginning, she loved the new attention,” Dorothy said. “Boys would call all the time and try they were at the doorstep all the time, even offering to walk her home from the bus, it was sort of cute and one of them even became her new friend. Not the one like John. No, this was different, his name was Burt and Burt was two years older than San – who had now started to call herself Sandra. Burt was tall and his curly hair was cute and she loved how he had not shaved three days. Dorothy warned her daughter to be careful but Sandra admitted that it hadn’t come to that.

Sandra loved her time with Burt. Not so much because of Burt, but his friends tried to hit on her all the time and all the girls where jealous of Sandra. Of course, Sandra knew Burt wasn’t going to be a long time friend. On top of that she realized he was changing and when she found he was using drugs she was unsure what to do. She went to the same university, started accounting, although this had never been her interest. Dorothy asked her why. “I hope I can change Burt around” she admitted.
Dorothy felt hopeless. Sandra looked at Burt in a completely different way than Dorothy did and some of Dorothy’s friends had already warned her of the thing Burt did, ‘he has seen the inside of a cell more than once’ one of her friends said.
This went on for a year. Dorothy was hired in our department. She was working on the first floor and in a different shift so we hardly connected. That is, until that famous day where her flimpsy hosiery hardly kept her warm and it almost took her two days to warm up.
At this time, Sandra was living with Burt in the city of their university.
One day, John appeared, long and tall and an exact copy of his father. Except, younger and handsome in his way. Dorothy was totally surprised that he appeared on her doorstep and she invited him in. He accepted the invitation and also the warm tea she offered to him. They talked about the old days, the days that San and John were the best of friends.
“I went to see Sandra in XXX ( the city where Burt and Sandra studied). But they are not in university anymore, miss”
Dorothy laughed uncomfortably. “What do you mean, I paid her tuition, she sends me emails all the time, she and Burt, well she is getting him all prepared for exams and he has an internship….”
“Dorothy”, John interrupted her, “your daughter is a drug addict. Burt is also very much a drug addict. He has no internship and the money you send them… well, they buy drugs from your money. It’s hardly enough.”
Dorothy listened in horror to what John was saying. “That… John. That can’t be right”
“Has she sent you a picture recently, a picture of herself?”
Dorothy grabbed her phone in a reflex. She had asked for pictures. For sure she did. But now…”
“She says she doesn’t have time for that”
“She says that because she looks horrible, Dorothy.”

You probably want to know how this story is going to continue….