Experienced Life
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2021-01-13 13:15:04 (UTC)

Crusing through the storm 👍

Seems like a lot of doom and gloom going on here in America. The most I did was vote and sign the petition to oust our current Governor. Other than that, I'm doing just fine. Work is still busy, still got my social life going on. It's all peace and quiet at home (Unless I got some hard rock playing on the stereo) 😤 Whatever the heck I'm drinking, I better make sure I don't stop it.

At work, my boss is giving me projects that shouldn't be assigned to me. Lots of clean up projects too. But I pay no never mind. I get it done and it's la-de-da as far as I'm concerned. There are some things he gives me or does that in the past would infuriate me. Now? pffft! It's ok and I eventually get it done even though I'm not supposed to get it. It's all good to me.

As far as my truck? I'm still loving it. Can't believe I actually love my truck. I've had cars/trucks in the past but you know, it served it's purpose and life goes on. But this truck seems to be a bit more than that. It looks great and apparently, lots of people like Tacomas too. Hehe. So you know those people that parks far far away at the end of the parking lot? Yeah, that's me. hehe. My next mod might be either a customer front steel bumper or... a dash cam with front and rear cameras. Then maybe a bigger newer capacity battery. One thing bad about stock Tacomas. Their battery sucks.

My gym just announced it's now ok to work out with limited capacity but indoors. So yeah!!! That's great news. It's cold and windy at times. We're allowed to only have one wall up on the tent per State guidelines or maybe CDC. But now that we can go indoors? Hell yeah baby!!!! Loving it. Yesterday's workout was a cardio workout and it was a blast. We had to partner up and I pushed the pace with my partner. She ran out of gas eventually. Poor thing. But hey, she's only in her 30s so she should have been killing me. Anyway, it was fun as this was the most sort of interaction with a fellow gym peep in a long time. Gone are the days where we'd gather in groups of 4 or 5 and work on routines together. Well, gone for now anyway so yesterday's pair workout was a lot of fun for me.

Tonight I will visit my friend that had a stroke. He can't move his leg and arm. Slurs when speaking too because one side of his body is jacked up. Whomever is currently taking care of him stopped him old turkey on cigs and liquor. Well, it's not like he's going to have a full recovery so I'm sneaking in little bottles of whiskey for him to drink. Those little one serving size so he can still open it one hand and drink. Not sure if that's right but I'm doing it anyway.

Finally, got my new ISP Comcast all set up and ready to go. Scheduled for later this month. Cancelled my Direct TV near the same time so it should be good to go.

That's if for nw. Drama free day. Later diary :)