The Church Of Scientology

Saint James
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2021-01-13 19:55:28 (UTC)

The Chapter About That Was Not The Best Design

The Books Of Universal Laws
Book 1 Of 100 (each book has 100 chapters)
The Book Of Foundations
Chapter 1 Of 100
The Chapter About That Was Not The Best Design
A New Testament To The Church Of SCIENTOLOGY
An Introduction To JEHOVAH'S Conundrum
A New SCIENTOLOGY Perspective (i.e.- It Introduces A New Prophet)
A New SCIENTOLOGY Concept (i.e.- It Introduces A New GOD)
A New SCIENTOLOGY Principle (i.e.- It Introduces A New DEVIL)
A New Dispensation Engineering Discipline - Destructive Dispensation Dynamics

1- Something went wrong. It's necessary to correct it.

2- That's not a good idea. They want to stop it from

3- They think that's appropriate. They were warned over and

4- They didn't try to stop it. They encouraged it.

5- They wanted to celebrate what was happening. Now they see

6- That's back firing. They can't understand that.

7- It's not something they can prove. They don't want to
admit it.

8- That's what's happening deceitfulness. Someone's supposed
to be terrified.

9- They don't care about anyone getting hurt. Now they're
pretending to be outraged.

10- They are such good actors. They just keep saying the
same stupid s**t.