Jay's Journal
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2021-01-13 14:23:16 (UTC)

Blah Day

It's one of those days again, one where I just feel indifferent towards everything... including how I feel about these kind of days. On the upside, I usually get a lot done... research, school work, catching up on e-mails, basically all low key stuff. On the other hand, I usually just end up staying in my living room inside a couch cushion fort doing nothing but that. My phone stays silent, ignoring any friends or family who whats to call, no music, to TV, just me and the ambiance of an empty house.

I'm typically very extroverted, always excited to see friend and meet new people... but every once in a while, I have myself an introvert day to recharge and reset myself thoughts because they really start going everywhere. Come to think of it, it's been a remarkably quiet week, haven't had o bitch about anything... I'm sure that'll change, let's just enjoy today while I can.

I think I like these days... yay, first act of nonindifferentness today!