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me and my life
2021-01-13 19:18:09 (UTC)

Craving Love

I am craving for LOVE, to be loved, to love and to be in love soooooo much that i feel my life is so empty and boring and b&w.
Love as in lovers love. I miss V a lot that sometimes I read our old texts they were so full of caring and fun, our pics which are in chat they were so sweet and the time we spent was so so blessedddd we were so cool with each other and each other's company. Am sure God had something good store of both of us.
But I need someone to talk, to be cared and pampered. The feeling of in Love is so beautiful that feeling makes you feel good about everything, you feel happy, blessed, protected and soooo good. God please I know I am a late bloomer but please jeballll don't let my love bloom late because it has a gae na to enjoy plssss....
I want some to be by my side listen to my nonsense, bear with my jokes, entertain my wishes stupid ones, joke with me like a best friend love me like crazy and protect me like a hulk. One day I had these all and I was so happyyy but today I have nothing at all no love, no money, no job, no happiness or reason to be. Sometimes I wonder why? Did I not respect what I had? Is this my karma? What why I mean whyy the fuck??? It makes me really sad.... Am at my age to be in love and all you understand what I want to say... I hope you do.

Ok good night