Being Sam
2021-01-13 19:08:10 (UTC)

I'm not cruising

Today has been like all the others lately- Shit. (And yes, I am failing epically at this no swearing thing.

Currently lay in bed in the dark with the dog pretty much wrapped around my neck, her head between my boobs, having what must be my 100th pity party of 2021.

We got the official email from the Cruise Company to say my 30th birthday cruise has been cancelled. I knew this would happen, yet somehow I still felt surprised and sad about it. Apparently I'm I'm surprised, sad AND stupid. It just sucks. All of this sucks. We missed France, we missed Canada, we missed Tenerife, we missed Skiing and now we're missing a week of epic excursions in Jamaica and Guatemala and around Mexico too.
Travelling is my favourite thing to do and honestly it's hurting my soul to be holed up at home, unable to show my kids the world or even see it for myself.

In other shitty news, there might be a 2 week delay with our move. But on the positive side, I think we have a good idea what flooring we're going to put down, so that's nice.

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