deanne and Connor

our dialog
2021-01-13 10:50:18 (UTC)

Ache and Miss

Thinking of My sweet whore / wench / slut as I am on travel this week. We have had such regular and frequent time together this year, that this feels so foreign and out of sorts to be apart. I lovingly long for next week when she will be back in My arms again.

I’ve left her instructions this week to ensure Master stays front and center in all moments, intimate and Public. I will be asking for examples upon My return and we will be using them to remind you of your obedience, dutiful place, and total submission to One. To Master. To Me. Master adores and loves His perfect cunt! Xoxoxo

Thank You for writing, Master. It was pleasing to me to check our diary and find and entry from You. i hope that Your visit is being a fun one and that the weather has been warm enough to enjoy some outdoor activities.

i also hope the weather cooperates for your return home. Last i checked the weather it looked quite cold on Saturday.

Thank You again for taking the time to post.....xoxoxo