This Is It - 2021
2021-01-11 00:00:00 (UTC)

Creating and Aging


School started back today! Doesn't really mean much when all my classes are online with no video lectures and assignments don't start until Friday but still. It's school time once again.

My mom has started asking me for plans for my birthday coming up. It's so weird to think I'm hitting 21 in two weeks. It always seemed like a Real Adult Age. And now I'm nearly there myself. It's exciting, but it's terrifying all the same.

I had a chance to film again today. Glad for that, I love making videos. I'm happy there's a way I feel helps me express myself/allows me to talk about things I'm passionate about - and I'm happy there are other people who think I have something of value to say. I know external validation isn't the Biggest Thing, and you've got to be able to appreciate yourself without it, but..... It's still nice, y'know

Still tired. Still not a fan of the extreme swing into cold messing with my sinuses. But it's been an alright time. Just one filled with naps.