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2021-01-12 16:45:40 (UTC)

Back on the laptop


I decided to go back on the laptop, just for the sake of making another entry. I think, afterwards, I am going to go back on that typing website.

I played Medal Of Honor, for a bit. I did the first two missions. After that, dad phoned and I spoke to him for a bit. He said he found Medal Of Honor: Underground on eBay, a 10-disc boxset of Lee Evans, and also asked me what other games I already have for my PS1. He also asked what mints I have. I always have at least one or two multipacks of Mentos spearmints every time I see my dad. But that was before lockdown.

Dad said that if I am good, he'll buy the stuff for me off eBay. I have. Nothing has really gone on. Yesterday mum and Mark tried to get me to 'admit' to taking Mark's keys from his bedroom, unlocking the kitchen door and taking an apple from the fridge. I did not, but they wouldn't believe me. Because in the past I have taken food without permission to. It doesn't matter to me, anyway. I'm used to it.

That's it for now. Good evening!