If I die today
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2021-01-12 07:30:50 (UTC)

todays drama

So Here I am. I'm a little hungover not suffering bad but I'm tired after getting to sleep between 2 and 3am after a 2 bottles of wine and 3 sagrias with.. Ndea and well he suprised me he;s not what I think he is and there wasnt sex. There might be very good chance there could be done the road but as said he surprised me so idk what I'm workin with and where its going. but one thing at a time he did like at2-3a pretty drunk but he wanted to leave and olny had a mile to go and I was in no shape to try to get off my butt to do anything about it. How terrible is that. I think Im winding down on the drinking thank God it'll all be outta here so next drinking time least I'll have to go fetch my drink. I have allergies still meh nothing new it'ss all contained as I would have been exspecting with the medication so news there. Sadly if I was to die today yeah it'd probally have much to do with these choices. So I actually do not have to have guilt about spending time with dude based on the information he volunteered yeserday to me. He actually is not commited. The GF was actually a dieing relationship then she got sick and now he doesnt know what to do and is caring for her and she is the mother of his adult daughter but that about the last time she;s loved him and he and her talk a lot there sorta just roomates and she has told him before just go date of course shes possesive and really doesnt mean it but he is gettting nothing relationship wise from her and never intended to marry her ever when she got pregant 20so yrs ago he said he had to stay then she got sick now he's trying to support her and its sorta like a pitty thing and he cant bear to see her hurt and he cares. Lets assume he is telling the truth. Also I told him about 34 bothering me the man thats still there Traci's son and he let me in on the fact that the illegal tenatns there (which is all they are all squaters) well the dudes dangerous I told him I knew since he used to follow me and and one day when I just looked up and wlaked out in the AM the dude whipped his junk right out and stared at me. Wouldn't ya know he is actaully alledgely a sex offended which I'mnot supposed to share I know but see if I die today I would want him noted in case lets say human cause is my dimise which it''ll likely be me just taking myself out by drinkin to death but yah never no some creepy man may catch up with me and murder me too So there that. If I was to pass I have to say now I'm very sad and in limbo be Ggre a I like him but idk realistly when thats prospering out of the 2 G is the most approiate for me thou. But I had a lota suprises so today as it stands idk if Iw as to die they'd both be considered important althou if G came to a funeral and talked to D then that could be super hurtful to him D knows about G but G doesn't know bc I didn't know D was an option and available and well he wants me he isn't dating wasnt dating but he has butterflies for me he hasnt dated in 25yrs and now wants to break free of the wasted times in his life but spefcly wants to take the chance on me. I gotta get healthy and clear minded and oh man I have much to go over with GOD exspecially since D doesnt even belive in GOD *facepalm* and yeah he's basicaly a democrat to but not hard sold on a party but if had to choose thats the roue he's going which is.. interesting.. so long term IDK theres heatache down the road either way and I cant drag out and play with all these lives so I feel like I quickly have to clearlly decide a path and not mislead the men just be clear cut and figure it out. Anyhow thats todays drama

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