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2021-01-12 14:32:21 (UTC)

Coming off the laptop for the day

Hello, and once again; Good Afternoon!

Mum never went to the pharmacy, my stepfather walked there and back. While there, mum asked me to hoover the floor, get her a can of orange Tango, and empty out a bucket we have. All the while, and in between doing these things, I was making a quiz based on Delphine Software International on Microsoft Forms. Generally, I prefer Microsoft than Google, despite the fact I have accounts of both.

Delphine Software International was a French based developer company that made some very famous games, like Another World, Flashback: The Quest For Identity, Fade To Black, and are also famous for their Moto Racer series. They were founded in 1988, and defunct of bankruptcy and liquidation in 2004. The first two mentioned games are still released on the new consoles today!
I was doing a quiz on the company. I only did about seven questions, but I am quite satisfied with what I have currently done.

That reminds me... Earlier I subscribed to a couple writing websites. They were free, and when I say I checked; I checked! One of them was called The Writing Practice.

I am going to come off and shut down the laptop now for the day. And maybe play some Medal Of Honor on my PS1. I have been on here since the first entry today! See you later in the next entry.