Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-01-12 13:03:08 (UTC)

Mum is up

Good afternoon.

My parents went back to sleep when I thought they were getting up. But mum is up now. She asked me to feed the animals, and when I went into the dining room there was poop on the floor. I went back up to tell my mum. We have two cats, and a dog. I said in another entry that we used to have rats, that died. Mum said it looked like a cat has done it. Seemingly, they can tell the difference between the cats and a dog faeces.
She cleaned it up, with a little bit of help by me, from holding the bag and putting it in the bin.

Mum was just watching Dad's Army on the TV. I think she is now looking for something else to watch. She is in a bad mood, because she is in a bad and hasn't slept yet at all. I am just sitting here, typically writing this entry.

I remember hearing that the Korean writing system is the easiest to learn in the world. Apparently you can learn it in about or even under an hour. So I searched up on Microsoft Edge 'Learn to read and write korean', and eventually found a website that wasn't part of a course or costed money. I went on to it and gave it a go, from the beginning. I am not sure if that's entirely true now! Its hard. But then again, all languages will be hard to learn, some are just easier than others.

I have just finished eating an apple. It was a British Braeburn; quite big for its size than normally.

Mum has found out that her prescription is ready at the pharmacy. She has to go down there now, and I offered to go with her. My entry ends here.