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Trending Twitter: December 14, 2017:

Tagline: RoLexa 2nd Year anniversary Date
Hashtag: #RoLexa2ndYearAnniversaryDate

From Katherine J: Sweet flowers for Alexa #vibesofAlexa
From Abby S: Anniversary Surprise for RoLexa!
From RoLexa Tuxedo FanGirls: 2 Year Anniversary Proposal in 3rd period
From RoLexa Official: Happy 2 Years!
From Alexandra Dreamers: Happy 2 Years!
From I Stan Alexa: 2 year anniversary date!
From Alexa Strawberries OFC: It's a 2 year anniversary date!
From RoLexa Trendsetters: 2 year anniversary date setup ready!
From RoLexa OFC: A proposal from RoLexa in 3rd period!
From RoLexa Italy OFC: Alexa is getting married again!
From Alexa Vibes: She has her anniversary outfit on!
From Clara A: Anniversary dress for Alexa!