London Life
2021-01-12 10:51:44 (UTC)

She Is Suffering

Felt run-down and lacking in energy all week,. I haven't been able to eat breakfast or the wrap we went and got from Ellie’s on Tuesday lunchtime (I had to get out in the daylight, if only for half an hour). I had mild aches to contend with as well.

On Wednesday Jack went to see his friend at lunchtime and brought me back some katsu curry which I didn’t eat. I finished off more than half of Christian Woolmar’s fascinating hardback book ‘Cathedrals Of Steam’ about the emergence of London’s twelve railway terminals in the 19th century, a result of the unconstrained private capitalism of the Victorian era. I really should have got more book reading done during the various restrictions instead of forever trying to catch up with too many news articles and reports. Jack’s been doing a lot of Sodukos.

On Thursday Jack went to pick up a hoover while I read a book about Jeff Barrett’s label, Heavanly Records. We finally got around to watching Vegan 2020, and saw a programme on Channel 5 about the history of London Bridge. Again I got nearly ten hours sleep, and I lost my aches for a few days. My CA tasks were cancelled anyway in midweek – a prescription delivery and the Chalk Farm emergency foodbank, which I wouldn’t have been well enough to go to. I cancelled one in Brixton on Friday, and a nice-looking weekend one in Southwark and didn’t even apply to do one advertised locally in Drummond Street next weekend. We walked down to the corner shop at lunchtime on Thursday but I was really cold.

The last four days I’ve woken up with really bad headaches, though it wasn’t quite as bad today. I’ve been struggling to complete an article, for which I thought the deadline was first thing Tuesday but is actually Thursday. But I want to finish it today.

This illness had turned me into a different person. Incredibly I haven’t gone out since Saturday, when we went to see the physio, but he wouldn’t see us in because of our ailments. I’ve been looking for inspiration for articles and we’ve also watched old films such as Stardust (with David Essex, Adam Faith and Keith Moon), and The Ladykillers with Alec Guinness, filmed near to us in the St Pancras and the neighbouring part of Islington.