Alan T. Fitch

My personal multi-daily diary
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2021-01-12 08:22:45 (UTC)

Good morning!

Hello again. Good morning!

I'm supposed to have an online school meeting on an app called 'Zoom', which is basically a kids (or school) version of Microsoft Teams. My stepfather couldn't find the Zoom meeting email to get on, so I have to leave it. On second thoughts, i think i might send an email to my teacher, who's doing the meeting, that i need another email of the details. The emailing application on this laptop is blocked. But if i go onto Microsoft Edge, login to Office 365 online and choose outlook, I can send emails. None of that is blocked. By the way, i am using my home laptop. It's my one.

I woke up at around half-past six. I wanted to go back to sleep but I refused to as I didn't want to wake up from my alarm. Its a loud one, and makes me jump awake. So I just stayed in bed and - - fell asleep a couple of times for about 10-30 minutes.
Its a good thing I slept, because last night - and the night before that - I didn't fall asleep until four 'o'clock at the latest.

I am kind of bored, I don't know what to search up on this laptop - - I don't know what I can search up on this laptop. So much is blocked on the web, that sometimes (before lockdown) some of the students at my school couldn't get on some of the educational school apps or websites we use, because they are blocked.

My entry ends here.