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2021-01-12 01:20:00 (UTC)

Twitter Trending: November 13, 2017:

Trending Date: November 13, 2017:
Users Will be so much fun!
From RoLexa Princesses: Alexa on the set with Rolando.
From RoLexa Trendsetters: #rxaAlexaMeetsRolando
From RoLexa Trendsetters: Sorry Esteban.
From RoLexa Angels: He's Mine and She's Mine Hoodies on the set!
From RoLexa Fangirls: He's Mine and She's Mine Hoodies this morning!
From RoLexa Official: He said yes!
From Rolando Xolos FanBase: Congrats Rolando and Alexandra!
From Rolando Vibes: Aesthetic Rolando
From Alexa Vibes: "Am I your boyfriend?"
From Andrea H: Sweet Babies! (2000-2001)
From Forever Your DreamGirl Alexa:
From RoLexa Trendsetters: Twitter Party: #RoLexaFirstBoyfriendAndGirlfriend Rules on this picture!
From RoLexa Daydreamers: First I love you.