Alan T. Fitch

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2021-01-11 21:00:10 (UTC)

About to go to bed

I am about to go to bed, so I am going to make one more entry today.

Have I told you that we used to have rats? The last one of the three died today. They were my stepfather's. We only had them about a year or two. I don't actually remember when we got them.
As far as I remember, one died of a heart attack or stroke. Another became paralysed, and eventually kicked the bucket. The last one - far as I am aware - died of general old age.

Earlier on I was playing 'Medal of Honor' on my PlayStation One. Its not a built in one, it is the actual console with discs.
Mum then told me to do my dinner, I had leftover lunch from what I cooked at school with my teacher. He let me take all the remaining home, so I had that. It was chicken wraps. I made two, which was all I could make. There was salad as well, but I only used the lettuce. I gave my mum the tomatoes and threw away the cucumber. I really don't like tomatoes or cucumber. Worst part is I had to eat that today at lunch after I cooked it all. I'm not going to say to Mr. Crane that I don't want tomatoes or cucumber in my wraps because I don't want to be rude. So I just went with the flow and ate. The wrap itself was nice, and the cucumber didn't taste as bad as it normally does. The tomatoes were tough to bite through, unless that is just me. I got messy, a little.
One thing I did not know though was that you could eat the tomato seeds. I honestly believed all my life they were like all other fruit seeds: You shouldn't eat them. But you can, apparently. But still, I dont like tomatoes, so when Mr. Crane wasn't looking, I took out the seed part of the tomatoes and threw them away. I still ate the tomato itself, I just wasn't prepared to go further than that. I'm telling you, I felt sick afterwards. Partly because I was so full, as I had two wraps. Partly because I cannot stand tomatoes and cucumber!
I never mentioned I like lettuce, I prefer it when with something else, though. For example, in a wrap.

That is all for this entry now. Goodnight!