Alan T. Fitch

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2021-01-11 16:46:33 (UTC)

I am at home

I am now home. Well, I have been home for a little over an hour.

I might as well tell you about my school day:
I did laptop work all day. It is just me in the classroom, along with the teacher. He's a nice teacher.
We have to wear face masks all day while on the school premises, as of Covid-19. Even outside we have to keep them on. I can deal with it, though.
There are not many other people in. Today I saw about five other students and about six teachers, in the whole school.
I like it, though. It's different, but I am okay with it. Mr. Crane makes me a strawberry and cranberry tea occasionally throughout the day. I like the tea, despite it hasn't got a huge taste to it. It's still nice.

I did maths, English, art, and food tech today. There is a site called 'National Oak Acadamy' and has tons of videos that teach you in different topics. I am in GCSE Year 11, so I have to do the hard stuff. I say it's hard, because usually it is. There are some easy parts, but not many.

In between doing online work, I was also making a future prediction on teleportation, and how it will work. I have a lot of interest about the future.

My entry ends here.