Experienced Life
2021-01-11 09:32:11 (UTC)

Body is ready 💪

Woke up feeling good this morning. Besides my normal...morning issues (lol), today almost my entire body has recovered from last week's workouts. Legs? Check. Butt and core? Check. Chest? Check. Spongebob arms? Meh... deltoids hurting just a little. We did something last saturday we never did before. Jack press is what it was called. We did jumping jacks with small weights. But instead of swinging our arms on the side going up and down like flapping our wings as normal, we held the dumbbells ( I was pretending to be a badass and grabbed 5 lb weights while most were grabbing 2 or 3 lbs) and pushed it out front as we jumped. Sort of like a punch straight out with two arms at once while our feet was apart. Then of course pulling it back in when our legs were together. Anyway, that I believe is what did a number on my deltoids. Just a smidge. But I'm ready to go again now that we had Sunday off. Managed to get my 6 sessions in even though there were no Friday night classes. That Friday morning 7AM class was a little tough for me though. It will be a challenge to get to class that early again this week. @earlybirdsucksandisoverrated.

You know what makes me smile nowadays? When you wake up and for a second or two, all real life information floods into your waking brain. In the past, I was so stressed out that I'd wake up and could feel it creeping into my back. All the weight of the world seemed to just pile on me and weigh me down with stress. Now? I wake up smiling and feel good to be alive. Yes, at times a little hungover but all-in-all, I wake up feeling great. I get another day to do something on this planet.

I get up a little groggy but that's fine. Stumble into the kitchen to make coffee. Pass by my dresser mirror and see myself and I like what I see. No, not the tangled up messy hair or all my clothes out of place because I just woke up. I see myself and I like what I am now. I like the inside part of me. I'm nowhere close like my friend nickname "Superstar" but I'm trying. I'm never stopping to improve myself but I am happy with me and what I've become. I know there may be some haters out there that may tell me I'm full of myself but no, it's not like that. Somehow some way, I found my inner peace. I didn't have to climb a mountain to speak with a old monk of great wisdom. I got it just by doing a few things in my life and made it a habit to do so.Yes, even though our Country is going to crap, I do not have to follow the hate and prejudice and the crazy politics going on. I carve my own path in life and I will not live my life the way some of these people are living right now.

Today should be an ok day at work. Just got two mtgs and that should give me enough free time to see what I missed while I was out on my little vacation last week. I also cancelled my Direct TV and will be going with Xfinity this month. Comcast has faster internet so that's why the switch. Upgrading to 1Gig speed which in real life is probably just around 500 Meg but that will still be better than what I got right now with Direct TV/ATT. Having issues signing up online with Comcast though. I submitted my request for service. Comcast charged me $50 as stated but no email indicating I now have an account!! Doh!! Hehe. Oh well, I'll eventually straighten it out. Should have time to clean that mess up today.

I'm already daydreaming a little about summer and spring. We're going to be doing a lot of camping again soon and I'm sure because of everything being locked down, more people than ever in my meetup group will be going just to be outside. Should be a lot of fun. And I have to say that kayak fishing is much more comfy when it's warm and sunny out. While trout is out in the lakes right now, it gets a tad bit too cold for this guy from Hawaii. Only my strong desire to go kayak fishing is what gets me out there.

Well, it's time to get my butt ready for work I guess. :) Later diary.