If I die today
2021-01-10 09:52:16 (UTC)

lucky dog. Lola

Watching Lucky dog today this dog actually had my heart. She has my story. I so appreciate what Brandon said and understood from the begining so he says this dog is in a shelter and every day there keeps getting worse and worse she;s been so traumatised by the streets. So everyday in the shelter she gets worse she cant function. Thats soo me.. But noone ever got that. I was so traumatised by life and fearful that everywhere I went that shoulda been refuge I just couldn't function. Anther striking thing is that he went to train her she couldnt handle the dogs right away she started showing fear. and so ya know what he did he gave her more time to adpat and space. I mean thats totally how I feel its like I'm not wanting ot bite anyones head off but I didnt know what to do. The dog took a lota time and training and detials but she is okay. She's good home ready Trained to go She made it. but she had special needs and wasnt a bad dog. She had to learn. And on a side note I've been thinkin about what I've been writing right so the purpose is if I die this is what I leave ya. Well its been sorta a tool for me too which I suppose is okay but if im designed to live a life to glorify God and His purposes maybe on the brain fart days its a good oppruinty to revert back to the basics to share him. Anyhow seriouslly gotta go live now. Lazy time is over time to get serious about housework and take on the day

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