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2021-01-11 00:18:52 (UTC)

More memories of Hawaii 😊

I remember more fun times as a kid. This was during the time I was rollerskating. Some time has passed rollerskating so I was like in a clique by that time. Being that guy that was good at video games, pinball, foosball, skating, and all the things that mattered when you're a teen. Yeah :) silly good old times. By then, I had a bunch of friends at the skating rink. There were two that I got into trouble with once. One guy was nice and he'd let me crash at his house after the skating rink closed. His single Dad was cool so he let me hang out. Anything was better than going home because I was a Good-for-nothing-God-damn-effing-blah-blah-blah right? So I'd crash at my friend's place as much as I could. I had another friend and he taught me how to play foosball. He was that good. He played in some serious tournaments. I learned a lot from him.

Anyway, After the rink closed one Saturday night, we three decided to crash at my friends house. Being young teens, we of course ventured out at night. Way past midnight of course. The island we were on was Oahu. I had a moped. My friend rode his bmx bike and my other foosball friend had a 10 speed bike. We decided to go riding with our bikes and moped to this place called St Louis drive. It's up to a mountain. Great view once you're up there and some people go there in their cars to make out.

Anyway, there are a lot of switchbacks so you can't go flying down that mountain. It was probably around 2 or 3 in the morning. Like I said, I had a moped, my friend that let me crash at his place had a bmx bike, and my foosball friend had a 10 speed. It was dark. No or little moon to see the road that faithful night so the only light was from my moped. My friend with the BMX bike and I were up there before. Fun ride up and once when my buddy and I went on another time, we had to go pee when we were up there. So we got off our bike and moped and went to a few bushes on the side to pee. While doing so, all of a sudden, two big ass dogs came running from a driveway running after us. I think they were those big Alaskan huskies. We were both in midstream peeing but seeing the dogs, we stopped midstream (didn't know that was possible) and had to just jump on our bikes and head downhill. The dogs caught up to us and I just went full throttle on my moped hoping to not get eaten. My friend was not so lucky and the dogs caught up with him. I looked back and saw that he just lifted his legs up in the air hoping not to get bit. But it ended up that the dogs weren't violent at all and didn't bite us. We were scared shitless but also laughed hysterically on the way back down that mountain and thought of how stupid we were. 😝 We just couldn't stop laughing going back down the mountain that night.

But that other night when the three of us were going up the same mountain (St louis Drive), there weren't any loose dogs this time. Pretty nice but passive ride up there. Non eventful night ride that night. Until....I did something stupid. On the way back downl, I figured it'd be fun to just turn off the lights on my moped for a few seconds at a time. This road was dark so we can't see without any lights and there were no streetlights there. I would turn it off for a few seconds and leading the way. I was laughing but my friends got a bit nervous telling me to turn the light back on. But you know me. Telling me to turn it back on only made me turn it back off again. hehe.

That's how it was going back down the road. I would turn it off for a few seconds then turn it back on when my friends would scream at me to turn on the lights. Well, my luck ran out eventually. I turned it off once again. My friends were yelling at me to turn it on again and I did eventually. All of a sudden, when I turned it back on, I saw the yellow line in the middle of the road take a sharp left turn. All I recall was "Oh crap!!". We're going downhill at least at 30 mph. I saw that yellow line and I swerved as best I could to the left. I said my best which means I crashed. My friends behind me? Uh... yeah. Seeing me crash? They crashed too. So there we are. Three teens in a switchback all splattered all over the road because of me. Three guys on the ground and our bikes all over the place too. 🤪 haha. My friends were not in such a good a mood as I was. I couldn't stop laughing and eventually I got to them and they started laughing too. But heck!! We were young. We were invisible (or so we thought). And we don't get hurt during those times. Fall down? Just shake it off man :)

So that's what we did. We eventually all stood back up somewhat and sort of wobbled back down that mountain leaving my lights on all the way this time. Hehe. Needless to say, we slept well that night when we finally got to my friends house. What we did was soooo stupid. So dangerous. So lucky we survived some of the stupid things we did. So glad I did what I did.

Anyway, that moped was my freedom. Never needed to depend on the bus system anymore to get me home. Miss the last 12:30AM bus home? No longer a problem. Also, Instead of that long bus ride home because of all those stops? Instead of a 1.5 hr bus ride, it became a 30 min moped ride. Not tied to the bus anymore since I had a moped and freedom!! hehe. It ended up getting stolen while I was at the skating rink. Lost my freedom after that. When it got ripped off, they took more than that moped. I was once again tied to the bus system 🥺. Hmph!!! But maybe it was meant to be stolen. I was having too much fun and getting into too much trouble with it. Had I still had that moped? Who knows what trouble I'd have gotten into.

Good times :)