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UnDiscovered Girl
2021-01-11 06:35:54 (UTC)

Balloon Release 🎈

We had a balloon release today celebrating my Grandpa's passing. We had a few words and we released the balloons posted it on Facebook. I then got home took a brief nap woke up and ate and got drunk. I could barely walk all day. Lol.

Nigel had lost his virginity to some girl recently last week and not even tell me and when he told me I got mad because he knew how I felt about him but didn't even care enough to think about it. Saying that they had talked for a while and he was to impatient to wait on me saying that I live far away when we live in the same city but he would make time to see her and she probably lives far away too. But he keep saying that he's so-called " not ready for a relationship".

I saw Pac Man at my cousin sweet 16 party yesterday and its been forever since I seen him. Been forever since that last time that he wanted me to ride on the 4 wheeler because I never rode on one before and he told me to just hold onto him but I didn't because I was scared but was thinking about it. But only because I really liked him and it would've been really awkward. For me. Then, when I saw him yesterday I felt him starring at me but he didn't talk to me really because I didn't talk to him.

Maybe he knows that I like him that's why he starred at me the whole time their. I starred at him back a little bit. Maybe he noticed me. But then he was such in a rush to go. Wishing he would stay longer.

I probably will never see him again after that.

But yea what Nigel said really got the best of me but then he says I shouldn't be sad about it because we're not in a relationship and we're not. So I don't know why I'm getting so worked up over a guy who doesn't even wanna be in a relationship at all or so he says but wants to have sex with me . Diorr texts me constantly and we be on the phone and he texts me quickly and doesn't take long to answer like Nigel and Li does.

Maybe he's the one for me but.... Who knows?

Nigel kept thinking that I was drunk the whole time when actually it was dying down now ever since I had a bottled water. My mom is planning on going to Mississippi Beloxi for her birthday but doesn't know because of the risk of covid and all. It would be fun to get out of the city for once. I'm with her 100%.

This year for my 23 birthday I wanna do a masquerade ball. I think it'll be fun.

Anyways, I should sleep some of this drunkness off of me.

- A

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