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2021-01-09 23:21:25 (UTC)

It got caught on video... Shit! (Early Days)

So this was what my life was now one big tease at least with him. Weekend after weekend day after day. It was like he would intentionally get me horny just to tell me no. Sometimes he would touch me, but I found out he could get me on edge without even touching me. It was an education all in its own way. He thought I was going 100% without tho until one day he found out Lauren and I were actually a little thing……..
Max- Sent a video
Marc- What is this?
Chris-Don’t open it Maxwell delete this right now before he sees it.
Professor- What the hell is this shit?
AJ- little one care to explain?
Me- Fuck
I knew the video was leaked that morning when Lauren called me crying. I don’t know who did it but I had quickly traced the IP sent a worm to wipe the computer and attached a virus to every copy that went out so that if I missed one it would delete upon opening. All with my signature of course. Butttt there was nothing to be done for those who bounced off multiple servers and tricked my algorithm. I am sorry baby I did everything I could was all I could tell her. This video of me and Lauren was dangerous to my innocent girl act. I knew exactly who did this and who was going to pay for it.
So what was on the video well Lauren and I clearly were sexual with each other. We include some others occasionally but her and I had were also active together. We would occasionally get so drunk we interacted in public. The video was not one either of us shot. We were at a party a very exclusive and private party. Truth or dare is a dangerous game even more so when you play without limits and rules. I was dangerous when I wanted to be and I learned from the weekends of watching at the Den. I was using the skills and things I learned too. I blindfolded her. I was scooping ice out of the glass I was drinking and running it down her body. Which led to other things you all know right?
Professor – Kitten explain this and why it is now on my phone?
Me- I
Marc – Oh shit Our girl made a porn
Chris- I told you to delete it! Quit watching it
Max- Fuck me Can I get in the middle of that this weekend
Marc- Hell yes me first you already fucked her once greedy ass"
They would be getting to the point where it was more sexual and I was naked. It was pretty much porn.
Marc- Holy shit Alpha you have been keeping this from us. I mean shit that devilish grin alone. I think I am going to enjoy getting to know you A lot better.
Chirs- Shut the fuck up brother you are going to get your ass handed to you.
Moments passed and there was silence from the professor. Then my phone binged again.
On a one to one message Daddy - Kitten find your way to the house right NOW! we need to talk!
Well shit I guess I was going to be in trouble for this shit too. I was always in trouble I couldn’t have any fun. I was going to curb the bitches ass when I caught her out of the dorms next. Maybe a broken jaw would teach her some respect.
Marc- Hey can you invite this chick to come with you this weekend?
Max- I can invite her. she will come without question if I ask.
He wasn’t wrong but I didn’t want her to be part of that world.
Professor and me at the same exact time- NO!!
If you all are wondering if the video still exists somewhere it does one place that I know for sure. The Professor downloaded it and saved it which will come into play later in our life together. I have that copy now tucked safely away.