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2021-01-09 00:34:43 (UTC)

Doing new things 🐌

So I had a few things to do today and are were no Friday afternoon gym sessions this week. Not even at the other gyms. So... to get my fix, I went to a morning session. OMG!! I don't know how everyone can bounce the heck around in the morning!! We're in CA, that morning crap should be banned. 😤 We have enough stupid laws already, why not add another one? Didn't even have time for coffee today because who the heck works out at 7 AM? @earlybirdcatchesthewormisoverrated!! This was my first 7AM class I attended !! Ever!! I struggled and of all things, we were doing weighted big littles. First time doing it with weights. Who the hell does that? The burn was killing me. Still, glad I went. Got my fix. Now I'm chillin :)

Best thing of the day though? I installed my ditch lights. Also, Toyota Tacoma hoods for some reason do not have struts in it. Pop the hood and you lift that heavy butt sob and then prop it open with a long rod. Now that it's taller, it's harder to prop up. Not anymore. Installed some aftermarket struts and now it's easy-peasy. As far as the ditch lights? I didn't realize that l.e.d. lighting has come so far now. It's so bright. I have HID headlights but these lights are even brighter. I videotaped just the ditch lights and it's the brightest lights I have in my truck. Used only when I'm offroad or in the mountains when we go camping or when no one is on the freeways I guess.

Carrie kept texting me all day today. Asking me what I'm doing and wondering where I was. She thought I went cruising in my truck. She did point out some cool places to go four wheeling. That lady likes going on trips so she knows CA pretty well. Here are some 4 wheeling places she showed me. I'm pretty impressed. I never even heard of some of those places. I know one thing, I'm not going alone out there. I don't have recovery equipment bought yet ie: tow rope, D rings, those recovery ramp thingys when we get stuck in the mud, portable air compressors, winch, and I'm not going with just one vehicle so I'll have to hang out with some peeps that do 4 wheeling.

Hadn't had a drink all day. Time for a nightcap.

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