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2021-01-08 23:49:35 (UTC)


I had a dream, going straight to the point, the girl was an outcast, not becausie she's hideous( she doesn't groom herself very well) but because she doesn't really know how to function in society, which then I had found interesting, So I stayed by her side and became her friend, I said I would help her and then she should get some self-awareness in life, that was pretty bad isn't it? I should have told her that she should be herself
because someone will like her for who she was but that would be highly hypocritical as someone who likes to observe humans to become more like them. Not because I want to relate to them but just to be more fluent in conversational skills so I can get what I want; to know them better. The more better are people with their conversational skills the more scared I become of them, those kind of people where you let your guards down so easily, the charming ones. If you put people into a category life wouldn't be so messy. If you're obsessed with making yourself likeable does it really matter when you're dead? lol when I turned 16 I started changing like i've been introduced to new feeling I have never felt before, am I turning human?