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2021-01-08 22:04:41 (UTC)

The World Outside

I think sometimes I end up focusing too hard on being special. Consciously trying to be special requires effort and you end up doing things that are not in your nature to do. Rather than effortlessly being myself, I end up making an effort to do things differently or add to what I already am. Self-improvement is noble, but I expect oftentimes I end up using that as an excuse. Really, I'm just not giving what I am enough credit, disregarding what I already do and the skills that I already have.

The world outside hasn't quite settled yet. If anything, having vaccines temporarily made things worse due to people losing interest in maintaining caution. The result is yet another strict lockdown, much like the one that started a year ago. The pursuit of rest continues.

And still I find myself walking with ease in the morning. I walk into town on a sunny day with an old playlist playing and find myself quite happy. I walk on past the garbage cans and the road kill with a stupid smile on my face, and it feels quite astounding.

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