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2021-01-08 10:46:28 (UTC)

Memories of Hawaii

So I recall this moment I'm gonna guess I was around 19 (best guess). I believe at the time I was going with Kappy. That's her nickname but her real name was Kapiolani. I think she was mixed 1/4 Hawaiian, 1/2 Korean, and 1/4 Japanese I think. Don't recall exactly. She had beautiful long black hair and she was really athletic. Anyway, we must have felt rich at that time because Kappy and I were cruising around the island. I had my VW Bug. I recall we splurged and bought spaghetti and meatball dinners from Pizza Hut. They used to sell those way back then.

We'd go around the island for fun. I was living on Oahu. We'd first go South East side to Waikiki, around Diamond Head, then Makapuu lighthouse, going partially around the island sorta. Couldn't go around around because I couldn't afford the money to buy that much gas. We eventually ended up at the Ala Moana Beach park. It was a normal nice sunny day. We'd go to the beach and kick back, lay down, and just swim at the beach. When we got hungry, we didn't have that kind of money to go to the concession stand so we walked back to my car and opened the meatball and spaghetti dinner and ate in my car and turned on the stereo. That was more than fine for both of us. We loved it.

So we're listening to the music, eating our meal, drinking some knock off soda that was cheaper than coke or pepsi. I think it was either RC cola or some generic brand. Don't know what happened but for fun, I put a spaghetti string on her bikini top. She in turn put one on my shoulder. A few minutes later, we were having a full on food fight shoving food at each other's faces laughing hysterically. We really messed up the car too and before it got worse, I exited the car as did she and we continued our food fight outside at the park. It was crowded with people but we didn't care. They were looking at us like the lunatics we were but I recall we both couldn't speak because we were just too busy laughing. You know those times where you just can't stop no matter how hard you try to be serious? Needless to say, we never got to eat much of our lunches because later that day, we were so hungry.

Fast forward a few months later, I was cleaning out my car. Low and behold, a dried up mummified looking meatball rolls out from under the seat. I immediately started to laugh uncontrollably again. During those post dinosaur days, we didn't have a cell phone so I couldn't tell my girlfriend about what I found till I either saw her or called her from my home phone. hehe. 😝 I love those fun moments being still kind of young and not worried so much about life yet.

That was then. Today, I blew off Carrie. No, not sexually. I told her that I was too busy for lunch so we didn't meet. In fact, I only ended up seeing Superstar tonight after gym. She was dressed up so pretty. Scarf around her neck all dressed so nice. She looked like one of those teen magazine girls even though she's 21. Very cute but dressed so very conservative. She has a Slavic accent (Not sure what race she is), blue eyes and blond hair. She used to put it up on a pony tail when she'd be at the gym. I'd pull on it to make trouble. She'd pull my shoe laces loose during class. We had so much fun. Hope she joins back again.

Anyway, her Christmas present finally came in so I was able to give it to her. I gave her brother these things you launch with a slingshot. It'll shoot straight up in the air like a rocket and on the way down, it would open it's wings twirl like a helicopter and light up. I gave him a bunch in case they get stuck or break. For Superstar, I bought her a collection of perfume from Parfum De Marly. My favorite of all the fancy-smancy colognes that I get for me. However, since she has a boyfriend, it was borderline inappropriate. So I told her instead that it's for her older Sister and that her Sister can share it with her if she chooses to. Then I added a very big obvious wink-wink. She smiled, laughed and said ok. She got it.

So that was it for today. Tomorrow? I'm going back to the shop to add just a few more things to my truck. Just adding some ditch lights in prep for when I go camping and fishing. It goes on the back corner of your hood and it lights up the front and side of the road. Very bright and in the woods where there are no lights, I really need it. Headlights alone doesn't cut it. It helps with avoiding deer too. You can see their eyes lit up from far away so you don't hit them. Plus it's really dark because there are tall trees on each side of the road and unless there is a full moon overhead? It's completely dark. Kinda scary. So the extra lights keeps away the zombies too 🙈

There are no night gym classes at our gym on Fridays which sucks. I opted to go to my home gym but at the 7:00AM session. That will be interesting. I never attended a 7AM session before. I think my bones creak at that early in the day. I better stop at one glass of wine tonight. That's it for now. Need to try to get some rest. Good night my diary :) Thanks for being here to let me flush out my mind.