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2021-01-07 14:56:18 (UTC)


It’s Thursday
January 7, 2021

Had an appointment yesterday
They suggested inpatient
I have self harmed multiple times since I last wrote

Something overwhelms me
A darkness
I feel like my heads going to explode
My head is overstuffed

Indio came up for a day
Was nice
No stress
We talked peacefully
We watched tv as a family
He didn’t stay but a day
It’s ok

He was at my appointment with me
Said he wants to help
Admitted he hasn’t been supporting me
Admitted to things he’s said wrong

I said I would try to open up more

I agreed to see someone to help
Even tho, I don’t want to

I have another appointment in an hour
I’m tired
I’m exhausted
My body aches

But, I’m off to get ready for my appointment