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2021-01-07 10:20:45 (UTC)

Good morning 😎

Good morning peeps. I just had to peek into the garage first thing. Wanting to make sure I wasn't dreaming about my truck and I just had to see it. I've owned so many vehicles over the years but I can't believe how much fun I'm having with this one. Well, except for my first car. It was a bug and the things I did with that car (some of them were so stupid to do too) was just way too much fun and over the top at times. Those stories are for another day. hehe.

My quads still haven't recovered. Last night's gym class was good. Less leg stuff and more upper body but using legs during crossfit class is sorta unavoidable. If I rub my left from the top of my quads to my knees, there isn't a "pain-emoji" painful enough to match what my face does when I do it. So yeah, it still hurts a lot dang it!! haha. I just tried it sitting up in bed. I have a closet mirror across me so I can see my face when I rub my leg. I was right. I can't find a pain emoji to match it. haha 😭 This was the closest I could find.

In other news, i have a friend that wanted to know how to file a restraining order. Didn't ask for any details. I just said I'd help by driving her over to the family courthouse and she can go in and do her thing. Found out I was wrong. Covid made new rules. Website doesn't say so but now you print out the online docs then drop it off at the front of family courthouse. Oh well. I tried to help. Won't need me to drop off papers so she'll have to take care of it I guess but she did thank me for offering to help.

I'm gonna go have some coffee and sit on the garage stairwell and stair at my Truck. hehe. I think I'm borderline on needing professional help.

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