jhopi’s diary
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2021-01-07 00:00:00 (UTC)

Sunshine Clouds Feb. 21

there was air blowing, it was crazy. i was trapped! i felt my skin being pulled back, a hurricane had continued to blow me back and all around. it was stronger than it thought. then i was sad it was over since it was my cousin's turn to go in the hurricane capsule simulator thing. hehehe, not a real hurricane. while i was eating today though and i'm pretty sure i saw what i think had seen. there was something in the sky, i think it was facing me, it was hard to tell. the sun gleamed at what was probably their eyes.. what if it's the government and they're after me or maybe my aunts a secret agent or, i don't know? i'm overthinking, there's no way. it has to.. had to have been my imagination and if it were real then it's weird but atleast my aunt, cousin and me are safe I gue- not guess but atleast it hasn't done anything to- ehubf it.. T~T i shouldn't overreact, i'm going to keep enjoying my snacks i ordered to our hotel with my cousin and play games. the sun is being covered by clouds so hopefully, it doesn't rain. then we can continue the rest of our fun day! : )