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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2021-01-05 16:34:02 (UTC)

Coyote and road runner

I've been watching my doughter watch these cartoons about aliens that explore planet earth and the sounds they make are so annoying. Then I remembered the Coyote and roadrunner cartoons from back in my day, they also didn't speak and made funny noises. I enjoyed wathcing that stupid coyote always be blown away by TNT and traps that always backfired at him.
Another day to feel excited about life, yet last night in an atempt to have my doughter and husband sleep well I overslept, lavender does not go well with me I don't need it. I feel a little to relax right now and even though am drinking my coffee I feel drowsy, last time I put lavender in our diffuser. Any how I woke up in the mood of writting in my book so my bottling can wait. hope you all have a wonderful day! remember to smile while we still have teeth. Funny that quote stuck with me for some reason.

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