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2021-01-07 04:00:50 (UTC)

Good old days 😎

Don't know why I'm reminiscing about the good old days but here is one of those posts. Way back when.. just barely after the dinosaurs were extinct, I used to be a teen and the thing I got into at one point was rollerskating. I was almost 16 I think .Maybe 15? I gave it a try one day and I was hooked. I sucked big time. Barely could roll 2 miles an hour. But the skating rink was the place to be as a teen. Full of games in there unlike now. Pinball machines, video games galore. Foosball tables, and of course the skating rink itself. I just knew it was my paradise away from home. Home life sucked. We were poor and my parents? Well.... we won't go there much. Let's just say I was pretty much abused as a kid. That's the way it was back then. Old school rules. Enough said about that.

So anyway, back at the skating rink, I was learning to skate. So I was just one of the nobodys there rolling around trying not to fall on my butt. One thing about me though is that I have good hand to eye coordination. Before I knew it, I could skate. I could also play foosball, pinball, asteroids, etc, etc. Old school 2D games. You get noticed. You end up in the cool kids skating clique and all of a sudden, you come from a piss poor living to becoming one of the cool kids that people admire. Haha.

It was so hard to afford a monthly skating pass. That's the only way you can skate there all day and afford it. We'd end up going there for every session from 12 to 12. No money for food of course. Just bus fare. If we did have money, there's a diner across the street and it felt like we were splurging. Haha. We were so poor as kids. We'd just be surviving to find a way to get another monthly skate pass. Somehow some way, the manager of the skating rink took on to me and let me skate for free. Thank goodness because I never had money as a teen. We'd even go to the snack bar and eat leftover popcorn that got left behind.

Anyway, since I finally got to skate for free just to help around, I ended up being able to join the skate leagues there because the manager there was cool. So I ended up being on the speed team, the freestyle team for a bit, and the most fun was the roller hockey team. So that was life for me as a teen. I'd be the pinball wizard, line up the rockets on Asteroids, run the foosball table, and be the skating God. hehehe. Life as a teen was so much the skating rink.

Of course, the girls there that were a year or two younger than you would adore us. Those were about the only times I recall being poor wasn't all too bad. As a teen, the romances that happened along with just as many tragic heartaches at the skating rink was priceless. Just normal pains of growing up. Till this day, I smile about those times. I remember many times we'd just have bus fare and our skating pass and we'd stay there all day. We were so poor. hehe.

But as teens, it was life. I remember one girl that fell for me. I knew it too. She was a tad bit too young too so when it was "couples skate" time and that's usually the end of the night, I'd sort of hide. I'd go down the end of this sort of hallway where all my friends were. It was carpeted so you couldn't really skate and pretty much walked to get to the end. She was a sweet girl and I was stupid. I skated couples skate with her a few times and she fell for me. I'd skate backwards and she'd skate forwards. But it was for fun. She could skate pretty good. We'd do mock olympic couples skating where we both were hip to hip skating backwards and we'd have a routine going around the skating rink. We looked cool doing it. Pretty much showing off too. But it was for skating fun. Well, she had other plans.

So I'm drifting again huh? Ok, it was couples skate at the end of another session as normal. Lights were turned down. Got the disco globe thing going on. Slow soft rock music playing. I hid at the end of a hallway room area and all my friends were there. Figured no way she'd step over all my friends to come and get me. But no, Cheryl (that's her name) walked over with her skates on, stepping over my friends legs because some of them were taking off their skates eventually getting over to where I was at the end and asked me to couples skate with her. Couldn't be a butthole so I smiled and said sure. I had longer hair as a teen and was sort of sweaty. I apologized to her cause it's kinda gross right? She smiled and said it was fine. hehe. When we skated, it was like a regular slow dance without skates except I was skating backwards. I had my arms around her hips. Not just on her hips but almost around her. We were pretty good skaters. Our skates were so close together. One wrong tap and we'd go tumbling down but we never did fall when we skated together. She wrapped her arms around my neck softly. I did something that was kind of bad. I looked into her eyes and we just skated around the rink. I have this thing that I knew early on. I can look at you from behind and I can make you turn around. Don't believe me? That's fine. I know what I know and I've done it many times over the years. Even from long range. hehe. Anyway, I looked into her eyes never releasing my look into her. She knew. But she also had to steer and we already had a system. We've done it before. I didn't even have to look back while we skated. When she'd have her arms around my neck as we skated, she'd slightly tug to one side or the other and we'd avoid anyone that fell or was in our way. Hehe. She was like a perfect skate wife :) She was just a little too young for me. I think I was 15 or 16. She was like 13 maybe? Forgot. A t that age, that was a lot. hehe.

Many many cool nights like that at the skating rink. We didn't drink alcohol. We didn't smoke. We didn't do drugs. We weren't having sex in the parking lot. We just had good old teen fun. Maybe a kiss or two but all innocent stuff in the skating rink. Nights like those ended so quickly. 4 hrs felt like 15 min.

So at the end of the night, I'd have to catch the bus home by myself. The skating rink closed at 12 AM. Got out in like 15 min. Bus came at 12:30.Got home near 1:00AM. Get home and my Mom was up. She told me something that to this day, I never forgot. Now you need to know that she's from another Country her English is 10 times worse than mine and Hawaii has a slang so we really trash the English vocabulary. But that one night that I got home, she said something so perfectly eloquently told to me that I had to smile and almost laugh. When I got in from that fun night of skating, arms around some teen that I knew adored me and me not doing anything bad to her now facing my parents. From skating rink God to this. She said ( I apologize now for the profanity but it's word for word) "You good for nothing god damn fucking blood sucking parasite". I was taken and thought whoah!!! Pretty good adverbs and adjectives all lined up like that. I was thinking she must have practiced that. Smiled and went to bed. Then after a bit, I was laying in bed and it hit me. She rehearsed that line just for me to hurt me. And it did hurt at that point. Why would you say that to your son? I promised myself at that tender age of 15-16 that if I ever have kids, I will never say hurtful things like that to them... Ever.

Yeah, end of story for now.

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