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2021-01-07 10:12:13 (UTC)

Wifey WHAT?

My best friend is getting married later this year, she has been with her fiancé for a few years now and they have a beautiful daughter together. However I don't think that marriage is as easy as people make it out to be. I'm extremely happy for my friend given the fact that broken families have become the norm. The fact that she is marrying the father of her child is great right? only this guy is super controlling and really petty. I worry about her a lot but she will always be the strong person she's been. What is it with men? why is it a thing where you want your GIRLFRIEND to do wife duties before you've made her a wife?? Maybe my question should be directed at women too? WHY are you going over and beyond for someone who hasn't made their commitment clear??? WHY are men demanding that women be wife material when they are not husband material?? Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way. Make me a wife and I will act as such. Some men are just heavy demanding and it's ridiculous. Some women are just doing too much without realizing their worth THAT is crazy.