Do Not Disturb

2021-01-06 23:24:57 (UTC)

Jan. 15 at 8AM

Just a reminder that I have a therapist appointment on Jan 15. at 8 in the morning.

When I thought I didn’t schedule for an appointment when I called them earlier this evening but turns out I did. Thank goodness though because I need it. It’s probably a little to early than, what I expect it to be but I’m not doing anything anyways.

But ever since I quit my job I've been applying to more jobs. I've applied to Wal Mart. I think. I think it be great for me. And I love to work in the morning from the time when my mother gets off at 4. I hope and pray I get it because I still and do want my money.

But for now I just been at home chillin like I've always been doin. So.... My brother ahs Covid and his girlfriend when we tell them to wear their mask and now their quarantined together in the house. I don't know if I should share this type of information public but only the public knows. He lives in a whole different state with my dad well was with my dad. They had some difficulties and now he lives with his friend or his girlfriend either one. And another one of our family is quarantined in their room right about now.

I just want Covid to be over with already. But it won't even look like it it seems if people just... Wear their freaking mask!!!! Like their suppose to.

News reported that a woman was shot and is now protest dead at the capitol and the president isn't doing anything about it. I hate that Trump can't just take the fact that he lost the chair and should get over himself. And now he's trying to demand a recount. Recount my ass. And the Trump supporters feel proud of this situation happening. Get over it... MAN!!!

A sad way to start 2021.

- A