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UnDiscovered Girl
2021-01-06 00:01:16 (UTC)

I Quit!

I quit my job last Saturday. I just had to I couldn't take it anymore and my mother didn't care if I quit either. My dad doesn't know of coarse and he won't know. I mean I'm 22 I should live up to my own mistakes in life. I'll find another job... Eventually. And I'm looking for another one as we speak.

So far, I just been chilling at home away from Covid-19. But I also been cleaning up the house and listening to music, watching tv' ect... You know the usual boring stuff that I do to keep me sane while I'm jobless at the moment. I don't think that their will ever be a job.that will hire me on the spot like my old job did. I did work at a fast food job.

Me and Li been hanging out lately. He's my next door neighbor. He's 20. I'm 22 amd for some reason he thought I was younger but I'm not. I guess.its because of the baby face that people think that I'm 17 and I hate that they do. Also I'm 5'4 so maybe it has something to do with my height. I still take that as a compliment though. I asked Li can I see him tonight outside like we normally do and talk and he said yes.

But he hasn't been feeling well lately. He says he has a cold that he's trying to get rid of as soon as possible. I hope so because I wanna see his face so bad even though we're neighbors. I still think about him. I wonder if,he thinks about me to. Probably not. I feel like he's using me. But I don't know. But mt guts is always right.

We'll just see what happens


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