London Life
2021-01-06 10:43:58 (UTC)

Saturday to Tuesday

This lockdown is so much worse than the March to May one, which took place in hot weather when you could sit in parks. We’ve still been sitting down briefly in parks and squares, but I’ve caught a bad cold from doing that, and from visiting the light show in Canary Wharf, which is colder than other places due to all the concrete and the wind-tunnel effect of its design. I didn’t feel too bad on Saturday, but was a bit more achey and after a lack of sleep on Sunday night (following two nights of 10-hour sleeps), I still felt run down yesterday morning, and although I was better by the evening, I feel grotty again today.

I had to submit an article, and on Saturday I spent hours looking through Alex’s book, researching an article on clever people, but decided to gather information of pre-war premature deaths. It was then quite easy to do the article itself yesterday, but I was confused over dates and in fact I hadn’t actually needed to do another article until next weekend. Over Christmas I meant to do the research for all my remaining subjects together, to save a desperate search each week, but I didn’t really get going. Alex says he doesn’t agree with part of my last article, but it all came from contemporary statements.

Earlier, after we both fell asleep during our cuddle, Jack went to see his friend, I watched the seasonal DVD, then complied a sport personnel chart for recent weeks. He got me some medicine, and we watched a couple of old Minder videos, looking at the locations used, including Putney railway bridge.

On Sunday after reading the Observer, having a cuddle and writing the article while Jack caught up with old Sudokus, it was already 15:00 and starting to get dark before we went on our bike ride, the first time I’d been out this year, due to my illness (and the lack of things to do). We waited for the rain to stop and were supposed to go the bird pond in Regent’s Park, but after finding the café closed, we went to get a coffee in Primrose Hill, which we drank in the nearly-deserted Chalcot Square. We went back via Chalk Farm.

At home I played some old tunes, then went on a Zoom chat with Abi, Kat, Vicki, Yusta, Sarah C, Sarah McC, Katie, Fiona, Paul, Dharmesh, and my gorgeous favourites Charlotte and Carole. A lot of it was about Abi moving up North. It lasted for two hours, I was exhausted by the end of it.

On Monday lunchtime I cycled up to Hampstead to collect a prescription, a task I really wanted to run to, but didn’t feel up to it. I went a bit wrong between the chemist and the person’s house, because I wanted to avoid the one-way bit, guessed where to go, got to Haverstock Hill and then thought I’d better look at the map, which suggested I went back, whereas I I’d have followed my instinct I’d have gone down the hill and found the road I wanted. Afterwards we got some katsu curry, but Jack only got one, so we had to share it.

Yesterday I didn’t feel any better; we went to post my warehouse jacket back to them, having accidentally brought it home from a task. We got a falafel from the man in Parkway who has been open throughout every lockdown and Tier system, and a coffee from the Stables. In the evening I had a proper bath and continued to look for article inspiration in old 1998 interviews. I also hoovered the bedroom, just to show Jack we don’t need a new one, though it’s a bit late as he’s already bought one. Or is it two?

Last night I enjoyed watching a video of some girls in a beauty contest, parading in thong lingerie. Two of them had amazing bottoms. I was also enjoying some casual nudes. I like the ones that look naturally attractive and don't try too hard to put on sexy expressions.