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2021-01-06 02:14:48 (UTC)

Too amped up and can't sleepšŸ¤©

Since it's past midnight it's officially now on day two for my truck being in the shop and it should be ready today. It may be 17 hrs from now but I'm still gonna say today. I can't wait to see how red rims will look on my red truck. Woohoo!! I love the color red. I fricking lovem!! Red truck, red rims, red kayak, and red panties!! Well, working on the red panties part. No luck on that one yet. šŸ˜„

Gym class was ok. Class sizes are already just above normal. It was full just a few days ago. Losing people already. So we'll see how the newbies hold up. The first week is the most brutal. Sometimes just one class session is enough to make people quickly change their mind. I know because I almost did when I first joined. I still recall my first week. I was too tired to get out of the car when I got home so I just sat in my car for 1/2 an hr just listening to the radio. lol It was that tough for me in the beginning. Yet, years later here I am. My quads are hurting. It's hurting a lot. Foam rolling my quads right now is....The Devil!! Hurts so much I want to scream when I roll on my legs. Still loving it though. šŸ˜Š

Anyway, here is the last pics of my truck at the shop before they operate on my baby. haha

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