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me and my life
2021-01-05 10:21:06 (UTC)

Miss him

The thought still haunts me.... That why did he leave? Why he didn't took effort?? Why he didn't stay or even tried. It's still unbelievable for me absorb the fact that he left shamelessly and never cared about me. While when I was with him he cared for me like am a baby. He said ok to all things, he never judged me, he never said no, he gave me importance, he loved me like a true lover, he cared me which could be seen in his eyes, he protected me, we had good time together so good that i long for that. I compare all guys I see with him. Will I ever meet someone with same compatibility. Someone who will love me selflessly. Like monki??? Uhmmm I donno am sure he did not fake it but he did fell weak, he sure din't try to stay and he surely stood by his family over me. I wish we were together. I still miss him in everything. My heart aches everyday thinking of him, he is still there in mind, heart, feeling which can never be lost.
Uffff why do I miss him so much.... Does he miss me too??

I so hate him for not even caring to call me to give condolence. He wasn't so what made him so. How can anyone be so coward.
I hate you monku.....