Experienced Life
2021-01-05 01:03:34 (UTC)

Time flies 🧐

Work was slow today. Some drama but nothing worth talking about. I just know I'm glad I have a job and it pays well so I'll shut up, man up and just keep doing my job.

I did some cardio at home today before gym. I did 1,000 jumps on my jump rope knowing it's a non cardio day today. My mistake. Coach Ex Eye Candy changed it up and we did core and cardio. My legs were shot after class. It was shaking from near total exhaustion. Gonna be a whole lotta fun sitting on the toilet in the morning.

For dinner tonight, I was lazy and just bought a Papa Murphy's pizza on the way home. So pizza and some cabernet was what's for dinner.

Well, tomorrow is the day. I drop my truck off to get my cool stuff installed. It'l take a couple of days to do and I'm sure my focus won't be on anything else for a few days. So if DMV happens to go down for some reason, you may be able to point the finger on me. jk. 🤪

Carrie called. She knows I'm getting my truck done tomorrow. She's herself bought a trailer and is picking it up on the 9th. Pretty awesome for a single Mom. It's a pretty big camp trailer so it doesn't leave much room for her accessories because she's near max towing capacity on her suv. What else? Hmm, we're still having lunch on Thursday and told her I'll be cruising California after unless something goes wrong with the upgrades. I'll find some snow in an open field and do some donuts in it because I'm a man, it'll be in my new upgraded truck, mandated man-card "to-do", it's fun, and most of all it's because..... I'm stupid!! haha.
BTW, she's the same lady that once said my truck was orgasmic!! may not be the best idea to pick her up on Thursday. I think I'll just tell her I'll meet her at the park for a picnic since restaurants are closed to indoor and outside seating. It should be a sunny day. Temp is now in the 50s so it should be ok.

That was my day. Time for a few hrs of sleep. Good night for now diary